Destined to Soar: An interview with Mia Stewart

Destined to Soar: An interview with Mia Stewart

Celeste Kocabay

 Destined to SOAR.

This interview series is aimed at celebrating, recognising and promoting the incredible talent and ferocious courage of our young women of tomorrow. 

Let's recognise the magnificent effort of girls'!

Today our interview is with Mia Stewart. Soar Active had the privilege to catch up with Mia and chat about her love for life.

1. Mia, tell us about yourself?

Mia:  I’m 9 years old and I was born with a limb difference. I walk with a prosthetic leg.

2. What is one thing others don’t know about you? 

Mia: That I really love golden retrievers and I really want one.

3. What are some of your favourite activities? 

Mia: Art, swimming and netball. 

4.   What is one thing you love about school?

Mia: I really love history. 

5. What do you do in your downtime?

Mia: Craft, art ,playing on my iPad, watching tv and playing outside. 

6. What makes you feel happy, brave, and strong?

Mia: My friend’s and family and my prosthetic leg. 

7. Tell us about a special moment in the last year?

Mia: Walking out with the giants netball team. 

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Mia: A professional swimmer. 

10. What's your favourite attribute about yourself?

Mia: That I’m brave and strong. 

11. Favourite song right now on repeat?

Mia: Boys a liar part two. 

12. What is one thing you would say to those teens reading this?

Mia: You can do whatever you want to do, as long as you put your mind to it. 

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