Destined to SOAR: An interview with Vivian Ngo, Elite Dancer and Performer

Destined to SOAR: An interview with Vivian Ngo, Elite Dancer and Performer

Celeste Kocabay

Destined to SOAR.

This interview series is aimed at celebrating, recognising and promoting the incredible talent and ferocious courage of our young women of tomorrow. 

Let's recognise the magnificent effort of girls' in sport across all codes!

Today our interview is with Vivian Ngo, Soar Active had the privilege to catch up with Vivian and chat about her passion and love for dancing. 

  1. Vivian, tell us about your early life? 

Vivian: I am the youngest of two girls in my family and I have just graduated highschool. 

Dancing has been in my life for as long as I can remember. I have tried a lot of activities as I have grown, though I am happiest and most joyful when I am dancing. 

2. How did you get involved with dancing?

Vivian: I started dancing classes with my sister at the age of 3 with MGA Academy of Performing Arts in 2008 and I loved it!  Early on, dancing was just an after school activity. I enjoyed the exercise and catching up with my friends. Though it wasn’t until 2021 that I realised I wanted to pursue dancing as a career and now my mind is set on making this dream come true.

3. How do you balance competitive training and managing school?

I am a big believer in timetables and mapping out my weeks. I am a visual person, so outlining my training schedule alongside my school priorities help me stay on track and keeps me focused.  I also am incredibly lucky to have a great support network around me, my family, friends and my dance family at ACTiv Elite Performers. Their constant belief in me enables me to keep moving forward and  provides me with a trusted group of people that allows me to talk and discuss openly any challenges or pressures along the way.

4. What do you do in your downtime? 

Vivian: I love to bake, cooking up a dessert and being in the kitchen brings me a lot of happiness. Though the best part is seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they take that first bite.  

5. What is your ultimate goal?

Vivian: To travel the world performing on cruise ships, bringing entertainment to people.

6. What makes you feel happy/brave/strong? 

 Vivian: Performing on stage makes me feel confident and brave.

7. A special moment in the last year and why? 

Vivian: I have been acknowledged at a state level and have been nominated for Callback in 2023, which is a national showcase of outstanding dance performances by HSC students. Personally for me as well, it was just lovely being able to perform with my dance family at ACTiv Elite Performers after COVID-19 cancelling so many performances and events along the way. 

8. What's your favourite attribute about yourself? 

Vivian: I would have to say how determined I am, when I fix my heart on something. I will do everything I can to achieve it.

9. One thing you would say to other young females following their heart and big dreams?

Vivian: I think it would be that even in those moments of difficulty and the times you feel like it would be easy to give up. Don’t! Have faith in the journey and in yourself. You got this far and just keep pushing forward, one day at a time. Following your heart is not a short and quick journey, it’ll take time but always believe in yourself and stay true to who you are and so much happiness and joy will follow. 

Also don’t underestimate the power of a strong support network. These are the people who will support you through thick and thin. They will be the ones that pick you up in times where you are down or feel like things aren’t working the way you wished. They inspire you, speak positivity into your life and just be there for you not trying to critique your journey but being that ear, that shoulder to cry on or a cuddle at the end of a hard day. 

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